Signatures of Earth’s Biological Past


1.    Introduction


In the rock record, the remains of the body parts of animals such as bones, teeth, exo-skeletons and shells are preserved as fossils (Figure 1). However, there is also indirect evidence of biological activity in the rock record as footprints, burrows, tracks, borings, gizzard stones and feces left behind by animals, rather than the animal itself. These signatures from the past are known as trace fossils (ichnofossils) and is evidence of the original biology and sedimentary environment in which these were made.



Gems that Glow

Are you fascinated by the gems that glow, this is what we captured. Vivienne – Stones For Africa



Natural vs Imitation Gemstones

Natural vs imitation stones

There is nothing against the law in producing imitation gemstones, as long as no one is harmed or defrauded by it. Those who do not want the security risk of, or cannot afford, genuine gemstones can use these for their adornment. But when imitations are passed off as more valuable true gemstones at inflated prices, then that is fraud. Imitations must always be clearly labeled as such. 

Introduction to Micromounting - Wolf Windisch


Micromounting is a part of the mineral collecting hobby in which tiny (micro) crystals of minerals are collected and mounted in small boxes in such a way that they can be viewed under low magnification through a stereomicroscope.

A stereo microscope is not, as may be supposed, an instrument which produces beautiful music, but rather a microscope through which objects can be seen in three dimensions, i.e. stereoscopically, just as through the human eye, only larger, and in more detail.

Paradoxically, this is only possible using low magnification.



I could write a book about it, it was truly a challenge and months of taking it out and cleaning it, Ronnie did most of the cleaning ...boy was that cluster DIRTY!!!! When I first hit the pocket only one point was sticking out in the mud so I started digging more and more and more - After a week of digging loose material out I managed to fit myself half way under the cluster to take out the mud and loose rocks.

Benefits of Chakra Balancing

Chakras are spinning vortices that focus certain frequencies of energy. When a chakra accumulates stress it does not direct the appropriate energy into the body.

Each chakra has a particular focus of action but they are all interrelated. When one chakra becomes disturbed it can upset the functioning of other chakras. Over time this may contribute to physical illness or emotional upset. Some chakras are more active than others, we ultimately wish to have a balance.