Introduction to Micromounting - Wolf Windisch


Micromounting is a part of the mineral collecting hobby in which tiny (micro) crystals of minerals are collected and mounted in small boxes in such a way that they can be viewed under low magnification through a stereomicroscope.

A stereo microscope is not, as may be supposed, an instrument which produces beautiful music, but rather a microscope through which objects can be seen in three dimensions, i.e. stereoscopically, just as through the human eye, only larger, and in more detail.

Paradoxically, this is only possible using low magnification.



I could write a book about it, it was truly a challenge and months of taking it out and cleaning it, Ronnie did most of the cleaning ...boy was that cluster DIRTY!!!! When I first hit the pocket only one point was sticking out in the mud so I started digging more and more and more - After a week of digging loose material out I managed to fit myself half way under the cluster to take out the mud and loose rocks.