Benefits of Chakra Balancing

Chakras are spinning vortices that focus certain frequencies of energy. When a chakra accumulates stress it does not direct the appropriate energy into the body.

Each chakra has a particular focus of action but they are all interrelated. When one chakra becomes disturbed it can upset the functioning of other chakras. Over time this may contribute to physical illness or emotional upset. Some chakras are more active than others, we ultimately wish to have a balance.

Each chakra is linked with physical functions as well as emotional and mental states and is also associated with a colour.

With cleansed stones start to place them on the body, starting between the feet imagining a beautiful flower in that colour unfolding petal by petal until you reach your crown.

After 15 minutes remove the stones from the crown down, closing the petals of each flower, seeing yourself in a capsule of white light.

Suggested Crystals for Chakra balancing

Chakra Location Colour Key Crystals
Ground between feet  black Onyx
Base base of spine  red Red Jasper
Sacral 5cm below naval orange Carnelian
Solar Plexus  4cm above naval  yellow Tiger Eye
Heart centre of chest green Aventurine
Higher Heart breast bone pink Rose Quartz
Throat V of collar bone blue Amazonite
Brow between eyebrow Indigo/Violet Sodalite


centre top of head  Violet/White Amethyst, Quartz

Enhance the balancing of the chakras by using the appropriate colour clothing, towels, bedding, eating food stuffs and drinking juices that your body is intuitively telling you, all you need do is listen.