Crystals for protection

Know your protection crystals, making your choice from the selection of gems offered below:

  • Amethyst – reduces fear
  • Black Tourmaline – dispels negative energies
  • Aventurine – protects and clears heart chakra
  • Carnelian – relieves envy and rage
  • Labradorite – deflects energy leakage
  • Chrysocolla – environmental cleansing
  • Hematite – dissolves negativity
  • Sapphire – dispels negative thoughts
  • Malachite – loyalty in business Obsidian – self protection
  • Prehnite – maintains healers energy
  • Pyrite – for those who do dangerous work Sodalite – negative rays computers
  • Quartz – replaces negative energy with radiant white light
  • Quartz Smokey (sphere) – motor car protection
  • Seraphinite – clears personal energy

Having seen which ones resonate with you, wear as a piece of jewellery.

Keep tumbled stones in a pouch in your hand bag, computer bag and motor car

Placement suggestions of larger items in your home or office.

You can also create a grid over photos of yourself, family and pets.

Remember the gratitude of seeing a dome of protection and thanking for the safety of yourself, loved ones within the spaces that you live or travel.