1. Chairman: Vacant
  2. Secretary: Gordon Tomlinson 083 277 2690
  1. Newsletter Editor: Sharon Angus 082 512 4016
  1. Club’s Postal Address: PO Box 39167, Queensburgh, 4070
  1. Club’s e-mail address:
  1. Newsletter Publication: Monthly – 1st week of the month
  1. Website Address:
  1. Committee Meetings: 1st Saturday of the month @ 15:00
  1. Club Workshop Address: 16 Pineville Junction, cnr Stapleton & Old Main Road, Pinetown
  1. Workshop Day(s):                                     
Wednesday     10:00 – 13:00
Saturdays        14:00 – 17:00
Juniors             10:00 – 13:00 (Saturdays)

History of the club (1994 to 2011)

Club Workshop 1994
When the clubhouse was first built at its present location at Pineville Junction, Pinevillage was a craft
village. There was woodwork, candle making, knife making, sewing, a potter and our stone cutting and
polishing workshop. School children came to visit the various craft workshops on Wednesday mornings
where Lucy and Hugh Zank would show them around our clubhouse (workshop) and give a short talk on
stones and methods of polishing and making jewellery.

Saturday Junior Workshop1994
For three hours each Saturday morning the club was duly opened for the youngsters. During the first
lesson we concentrated on teaching them how to dome, and polish the stone. Once that was mastered
they had to trace the design on to the slab of the stone, which we trimmed for them on the trim saw. Prior
to polishing the stone they had to shape, dop, then cab the stone on the grinding wheel, before moving to
the various sanding discs and finally to the polishing lap. At the present time the club is open to senior
members in the morning as well, this is because the number of juniors fluctuates, there is still space
available for the adults to work.

General Club Activities 2011
The workshop has been the mainstay of this club. The activities at the workshop are restricted to
lapidary, socialising and selling. An enthusiastic team maintains the cutting-, grinding- and polishing
machines and we appeal for others to join. From cabbing, polishing, silversmithing and faceting or
Objects’d art there is always an interest in learning about gems and rocks.

Field Trips 2011
Field trips have from the beginning been highlights of the Club activities. Natal is most grateful to
Pietermaritzburg Club whose co-operation and initiative have been made combined trips possible. For
anyone who is interested in learning about rocks and gems, field trips are super for learning about